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Whether you’re planning to remodel your bathroom or build a home from the ground up, having a trusted general contractor to oversee the project is essential, and in Queens, Egnatia Construction Inc is the name to know.

We have worked with dozens of property owners as they work to transform their spaces and build new ones. We take a highly customized approach to every job, providing you with updates as the project progresses and ensuring it goes off without a hitch.

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Plan Your Project with Our General Contractors

No matter the size or nature of your project, our general contracting team looks forward to working with you.

When you contact us about our services, we’ll schedule an on-site consultation at your earliest convenience. During this meeting, we will get an understanding of your project, where you’re at and the kind of assistance you need. We will also discuss various details like:

  • Building materials
  • Budget
  • Budget
  • Expectations

Once these details are squared away, we’ll work with you closely to develop a project plan and get the ball rolling as soon as possible.

General Contractors that Take Care of It All

A general contractor is in charge of overseeing every aspect of a building or remodeling project, and when you hire Egnatia Construction Inc, that’s precisely what you can expect. Our team will take on the following roles:

  • Scheduling the project
  • Obtaining building permits
  • Ordering building materials
  • Hiring subcontractors
  • Ensuring those working on your property understand your vision
  • Answering your questions
  • Completing inspections
  • Ensuring your satisfaction

When you have a trusted contractor on your side, you can sit back, relax, and watch your vision come to life!

Trust Our Experts for An Exceptional Customer Experience

Our full-licensed contractors have countless hours combined working on construction projects of all sizes. Customer service plays a significant role in how we get the job done. As the customer, you will be included in the process from start to finish, and we will always work off your vision. If you're unsure how to choose the most appropriate material for your project, we will help you choose the best option. We will work within your budget, and your schedule will always be respected.

Despite the size of the project, Egnatia Construction Inc is dedicated to getting the job done.

Seasoned Building Contractors with a Detailed Eye

Our team has a keen eye for detail, and we’ll ensure that your project is completed seamlessly. With our experts on your side, you can trust that every tile is placed straight, every wire is connected properly, and every wall is painted without a streak.

We only wish to achieve superior results, and paying close attention to every aspect of your project helps us do just that.

General Contracting for Every Unique Project

Whether you are upgrading your kitchen, redoing your bathroom, or building a custom home, no job is too big or too small to be handled by our passionate experts. We will take a highly customized approach to your project and support you every step of the way.

We do it all, from kitchen and bathroom remodeling to commercial renovations.

Great Rates on General Contracting Service

While it’s easy to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a home remodeling project, you don’t have to. Our team is happy to accommodate folks with a range of unique budgets.

If you’re working on a tight budget, we can introduce you to products and services that are inexpensive without sacrificing overall quality.

Reach the Area’s Best Home and Business Remodelers

Whether you are in the market for renovations, repairs, or a full build, you need a trusted general contractor to run the show.

When you trust the Queens general contractors at Egnatia Construction Inc, you can sit back, relax, and watch the progress unfold before your very eyes. Our trained and dedicated team will act as a liaison between yourself and everyone working on your project. We will ensure that each phase is executed without a hitch, on time, and within budget.

Get in touch with us and set up a comprehensive consultation by calling (212) 392-5544.

The Real-World Benefits of a General Contractor

Working with our team for your construction or remodeling project will make your life easier in numerous ways. Here’s a glimpse at some of the benefits you can expect when working with contracting professionals like those at Egnatia Construction Inc:

Proper Insurance Coverage

Working on a remodeling or construction project comes with its risks. Even with the most experienced and professional team, working with heavy machinery and valuable materials carries some risks. That’s why we have detailed insurance plans that ensure every aspect of our work on your property is fully insured in case of any unforeseen circumstance.

Organized Project Scheduling

Renovations and construction projects can be a massive hassle. Even when done correctly and without obstacles, they can take months to complete. When you work with us as your general contractor, we’ll bear full responsibility for every project element. As overseers of the entire project, we can balance efficiency and convenience with providing quality work.

Professional Budgeting

Let’s face it—remodeling projects can be expensive. You’ll want the help of an experienced contractor to manage funds and ensure they’re prioritized and used efficiently. As a general contractor, we know where to cut costly corners and where to invest so that you get the absolute most out of your financial plan.

Significant Property Value Improvement

Once Egnatia Construction Inc is finished working with you, the value of your home will have undoubtedly increased. DIY projects might be fun, but they don’t add the same value to your property as professional work that stands the test of time.

Highly Experienced Contractors

Whether we’re building something new or helping you with a renovation project, you can count on our contractors to know what they’re doing every step of the way. We’re experienced in a wide range of project types, and we’re certain we have the skills and know-how to hop onto your project with ease.

Apart from their exceptional work throughout the process, a benefit of having a general contractor on site is their ability to share suggestions, answer questions, and provide tips on how you can save more money in the future.


Hiring a general contractor might not feel like you’re saving money in the short term, but it’s the right choice for your structure’s longevity and value. Professional contracting work lasts, adds value, and ensures that everything built is done correctly and won’t cause you costly repairs anytime soon.

To get all the benefits of working with a professional general contractor, reach out to Egnatia Construction Inc today. We’re ready to take your call and get your project off the ground.

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Starting Your Next Project with Us

The first step of any project is getting in touch with us. Essentially, we want to meet with you so we can get a sense of your idea and eventually turn it into a reality. We are happy to meet with you however you want, but in our experience, in-person meetings can be more thorough than meeting virtually or over the phone.

We will discuss budget, design, start putting together a materials list, and rough schedule for the project during the initial conversation. Any information you receive from us has no obligation tied to it. We understand that you need time to research your options, and we are more than happy to tell you everything we know.

But after just one meeting with us, you will see why we are the best team to help you realize your project – just as so many others have – and you will probably choose us for your project.

Our job is to make sure that we manage expectations by giving you the information you need to hear and not telling you what we think you want to hear. When construction projects are cloaked in misinformation, no one comes out happy. Work with us on your project, and you will not have to worry about that. We prioritize complete transparency with our clients and high levels of communication because we believe that it is all part of providing you with the exceptional service that we promise.

Work with a General Contractor for Your Next Home Renovation Project

Home renovations can be very stressful, from the preparation stage to the clean-up. If you aren't savvy with using tools and aren’t aware of construction codes and regulations, the project will be extremely intimidating. If this is the case for you, hiring a general contractor will save you a lot of headaches and stress.

Egnatia Construction Inc is a team of expert contractors ready to take the stress off your hands. Whether you're looking to remodel your bathroom or build an addition to your home or business, we can do it all. Here are a few reasons why you should work with a general contractor for your next home construction project.

It Saves You Time and Money

When you leave it to us, you can use your time in areas you prefer. As part of our service, we will deal with the subcontractors, get the materials delivered, and negotiate delivery times.

General contractors generally have long-term business relationships with subcontractors and material distributors. This gives us the advantage of receiving discounts on service and materials. A perk that most homeowners don't have access to. Furthermore, we can get the job done quickly by using the appropriate tools and delegating tasks.

It Gets Done Right the First Time

Working on a home project feels great when it's complete, but when you notice things weren't done correctly or didn't turn out right, that feeling quickly turns to disappointment. When you hire someone to correct your mistakes, you will have doubled the project's cost, making it an expensive investment.

If you want to make sure the job gets done the right way the first time, hiring our contractors with the skills and expertise is always wise. We have vast experience that enables us to get the job done within a reasonable time frame and without error.

Peace of Mind at a Reasonable Cost

When you hire our general contractor for your home or business renovations, you can depend on us to be licensed and insured. Home renovations can be dangerous, and they often require permits from your local municipality. If this step is skipped, it can affect the property's resale value, and you may fail home inspections in the future.

Most importantly, we know all the local codes; therefore, all our work is done in accordance. Skipping this can lead to hefty fines.

When you hire Egnatia Construction Inc, you are also purchasing peace of mind. Everything will be done to code, your project will be done to perfection, and your time will be saved.

Get in touch to learn more.

Trusted Building Contractors

Commercial and residential remodeling projects need a leader to schedule and synchronize everything for perfect work execution.

General contractors are responsible for organizing the following:

  • A comprehensive consultation
  • Design plans and preparation
  • Attaining the necessary building permits
  • Ordering the required tools and materials
  • Hiring and supervising subcontractors
  • Adhering to budget and schedule
  • Acting as a liaison between the customer and the crew

Residential General Contracting Services

We provide general contracting services for homeowners who have had bad experiences with contractors in the past. We are here to redeem all your previous bad experiences and make sure you receive the quality and craftsmanship you expect from a professional. Our friendly team and expert builders will help you make your construction or remodeling fantasies a reality. We know how important your home is to you on a sentimental and financial level. That’s why Egnatia Construction Inc is always committed to completing high levels of form and function so you can enjoy the results for years to come.

Welcome us into your home and have us help you complete your project, and we will show you why countless clients in Queens loved our services and would use them again.

Call us today to tell us about your residential project, we look forward to speaking with you about it during the initial consultation.

Commercial General Contracting Services

Suppose you are planning on expanding your business, remodeling it, or you require the help of an experienced general contractor to usher you through your next project successfully some other way. In that case, we are the team to help. To ensure your project goes off smoothly, you need a contractor capable of managing the ever-shifting ground with calm and ease.

Every construction project has many moving parts. A good general contractor can balance them all by utilizing experience and knowledge from past jobs and organizations. By emphasizing the little things and trying to be as practical as we can in every aspect of the job, we will juggle the technical aspects of the project to keep your vision intact.

We have worked with many businesses in Queens, and we look forward to helping you and yours out too.

We can assist you with all jobs involving:

  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Strip malls
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial facilities
  • Educational institutions
  • Offices
  • And more

General Contractor Consultation

We achieve success by listening to you from the moment you call. At the consultation, we focus on understanding your vision for the project. We will make expert recommendations about materials and products that may not have been on your radar.

With your idea in mind and budget understood, we determine an accurate estimate. The estimate includes:

  • Timeline
  • Cost of materials
  • Cost of labor
  • Cost of specialized equipment

The consultation process is where we get on the same page as you about your idea. As Queens' top general contractor, we pride ourselves on high-quality constructions, and proper communication with the client is a critical part of the process.

We want to help you bring your vision to life. Please book your consultation with Queens’ finest general contractor today, and we’ll get started on your project right away.

General Contractor Services

Our expert team has organized and conducted a myriad of commercial and residential projects, including but not limited to:

  • Full home builds
  • Full commercial builds
  • Home and commercial additions
  • Remodeling (bathroom, kitchen, basement, attic, etc.)
  • Exterior projects (roofing, landscaping, siding)
  • The installation of floors, windows, and doors
  • Concrete work
  • And more!

If you are interested in a service that isn’t listed, don’t worry. Our team will work with you to organize your project no matter the nature or scope.

Get in touch with us now to find out more.

Finding the Right General Contracting Company

Medium and large-scale projects require a trustworthy company to handle all the moving parts and stay true to the estimate. Egnatia Construction Inc earns its reputation for reliability to Queens proprietors from years of dedication and expert craft.

Our goal is to impress our customers with exceptional customer service, artistry, and attention to detail. We cut no corners and turn no blind eyes. We want your results to function seamlessly for your home or business. Our team works not only to meet but exceed your expectations.

Call Queens’s Best General Contracting Company

Unlike remodeling companies and construction companies that may specialize in a few areas, Egnatia Construction Inc can take charge of your entire project. There is no need to waste time searching for the best subcontractors. We have them on speed dial.

At Egnatia Construction Inc, we simplify the building and remodeling process. You report to us directly, and we will ensure that your expectations are understood and respected by the rest of the team.

Set up a consultation by calling us at (212) 392-5544.